Super Evil Megacorp, an award-winning game studio, is looking for a seasoned leader to oversee live operations of Vainglory, the world’s premier cross-platform MOBA. With a strong track record on mobile esports, close partnerships with hardware makers, unique engine technology and upcoming major launches on PC, Mac and in major geographies, Vainglory is about to shift gears and take things to the next level.

This is a unique time to join Super Evil’s mission to break boundaries in the game industry and create the very best core multiplayer experience for the touchscreen generation. As Vainglory Live Producer, you will drive roadmapping and coordinate efforts across monetization, live events, editorial, content and product marketing teams to delight our players. Join our team to shape not just the course of a much-loved MOBA with a passionate community, but also the future shape of the game industry!


The Live Producer will work closely with the Chief Business Officer, Director of Production and other producers and senior staff to help in the execution and tracking of all live operations activities for the game. Responsibilities will include running stand-ups and planning for internal development, monetization and editorial teams, developing process and procedures for new development teams, and helping to ensure each release is stable and goes out on time. Our ideal candidate would have experience in Free to Play games and has a background in product management

Role & Responsibilities

  • Support the Chief Business Officer in planning and execution of monetization and live events.
  • Support the Director of Production as part of the production team, and help manage releases through all stages of development.
  • Ensure that Vainglory has a well-communicated and up-to-date live operations roadmap.
  • Collaborate and coordinate product engineering, monetization, publishing, and other groups to ensure all departments are fulfilling goals and objectives.
  • Organize, prioritize, and directly manage specific parts of the game using standard Agile / Scrum methodologies.
  • Manage timelines for authoring and publishing of key player-facing messaging (e.g., patch notes, push notifications and in-game messaging).
  • Work with product managers and analysts to generate and disseminate dashboards around key live operations metrics.
  • Develop and implement process for live production tasks such as developing, implementing, and rolling out new monetization offers or events.

Required Skills & Knowledge

  • Bachelor's degree or higher, preferably in computer science, economics, or a related field.
  • 3-4 years experience in a Producer or Project Manager role
  • Organized, self-directed, and able to adjust to shifting schedules and requirements.
  • Tenacious and relentless in seeing implementations through to completion.
  • Outstanding creative problem solving skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.


  • Experience working on free-to-play games that have been in live development.
  • Understanding of Free-to-play business management on mobile, PC and console - ideally experience with quant-based product management disciplines.
  • High interest in playing and developing competitive multiplayer games.
  • Certification or similar education in agile development (Scrum, Kanban).
  • Experience with production tracking software (JIRA, Hansoft, etc.).
  • Familiarity with games in the MOBA genre.

A resume and cover letter are required for consideration. You are able to work on-site at the Super Evil Lair in San Mateo, CA.