Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Super Evil's team includes masters-at-their-craft developers from Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Guerrilla Games, Playfish and more.

Our founders all code. Our team plays together every day. And we all share a lifelong passion for incredible gameplay. 


Bo Daly

Co-founder & CEO
Previously at Rockstar Games and Gazillion, Bo captains the ship while moonlighting as head of platform engineering.

Player name: Nansen


Tommy Krul

Co-founder & CTO
Previously at Riot Games, Gazillion, Factor 5 and Guerilla Games, Tommy is the architect of the Super Evil engine and technology approach. 

Player name: TheRealKrul


Stephan Sherman

Co-founder & CCO
Previously at Riot and Gazillion, Stephan answers for all of creative and design while heading up gameplay programming.

Player name: CaptainNeato


Q Wang

Co-founder & CPO
Previously at Playfish and a mean RTS player, Q runs all aspects of product management while also running front-end user interface coding.

Player name: SurpriseBirthday

Kristian Segerstrale

COO & Executive Director
Previously CEO at Playfish, EVP at EA, co-founder at Glu Mobile and on the board of Supercell, Kristian sticks his nose into most things, especially around marketing, growth and how we work together.

Player name: EdTheShred


Jason Osipa

Lead Technical Artist
Previously at EA, LucasArts and Dreamworks, Jason brings his encyclopedic knowledge of 3D Production to our growing art group.

Player name: doer


Carlo Arellano

Art Director
Previously at Blizzard, Ready at Dawn and Insomniac, Carlo oversees art at Super Evil Megacorp through his expertise in concepting, design and character creation. 

Player name: Chainsaw

Jerome De Menou

Senior Animator
Previously at SuperBot Entertainment and Ready at Dawn. Jerome worked his magic on the God of War franchise and now breathes life and personality into our characters.

Player name: Margouillat

Matt Hassenplug

VFX Artist
Previously at Insomniac working on the Ratchet and Clank franchise, Matt brings his signature visual effects style to the world of Vainglory and beyond.

Player name: Conductor

Tracey King

Lead Environment Artist
Previously at Sanzaru, Backbone and EA, Tracey answers for the uniquely crafted touchable look of the Vainglory environment. 

Player name: EvilOnTheInside

John Hayes

Lead Character Artist
Previously at Capcom, Sega and Sony, John uses his deep expertise in sculpting, illustration and animation to spawn new characters at Super Evil Megacorp.

Player name: MetalFinger


Evan Denbaum

Sr. Director, Content Strategy
Previously at EA, OnLive, PlayStation Network, WWE and The Sporting News, Evan brings journalistic expertise and a passion for sports to overseeing all content and editorial. 

Player name: PlayoffBeard

Mark Torelli

Director of Finance and Administration
Previously at Xero and The Parkinson's Institute, Mark combines his zeal for Finance and multiplayer gaming to drive our day-to-day operations. 

Player name: Fury


Patrick "Ciderhelm" O'Callahan

Director of Video Programming
A celebrated creator of some of the most popular World of Warcraft and League of Legends content, Patrick leads all our video production.

Player name: Ciderhelm



Russ Schaaf

Senior Technical Engineer
Previously at Rockstar Games for more than 11 years spanning multiple platform transitions and AAA title launches, Russ works on the E.V.I.L. game engine and other server-related game code. 

Player name: Mightier

Heini Vesander

Marketing & Communications Director
Previously heading up communications at Supercell, Heini brings her international experience, energy and ability to be in multiple places at once to the team.

Player name: EvilFinn

Andre Brisco

QA Tester
Dedicated to computer gaming since early childhood, Andre brings his meticulous QA skills and passion for MOBA gameplay into our every day testing cycle.

Player name: Jomm


Kevin Whitmer

QA Tester
With his supernatural instinct for finding bugs, Kevin endeavors to perfect the art of QA testing at Super Evil Megacorp. 

Player name: HaiiroGitsune


Is this you?

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Investors and Board of Directors

The Super Evil Megacorp team is supported by world-class investors CrossCut Ventures, General Catalyst, Initial Capital, Signia Venture Partners, Raine Ventures and ZhenFund.

The Board of Directors of the company comprise: Bo Daly (co-founder and CEO), Stephan Sherman (co-founder and CCO), Kristian Segerstrale (COO and Executive Director), Adam Valkin (Partner, General Catalyst), Rick Thompson (Partner, Signia Ventures), Clinton Foy (Partner, CrossCut Ventures).