A Long Overdue Update from the Lair

Sep 14, 2021

We’ve been silent for a while as we’ve been furiously working away on Catalyst Black together with our awesome Secret Service Agents. Some fresh new panoramic sequences showing the scale of what we’re building are below.

Those who saw the Apple iPhone 13 Pro launch today may also have seen this great little segment in, showcasing Catalyst Black using ProMotion technology on the device.

We’re pretty passionate about pushing the boundaries of mobile combat both in the fidelity and scale of our battlegrounds, and in prioritizing immediate access to friends through our drop-in drop-out social system. We are excited about how the Catalyst Black is shaping up!

There’s still a lot of work to shape the game into its final form: adding game modes, ranks, titles, PvE modes and more.  If you want us to keep in touch on progress, make sure you pre-register at www.catalystblack.com! If you’re interested in helping us push boundaries in the industry making Catalyst Black, Super Evil Megacorp is growing and we are constantly looking for the brightest talent in the industry. Check out our open positions here!

In addition to building the game, we’ve been hard at work building the company and our dream of bringing the highest fidelity shared game experiences to all players, no matter what device they play on.

We’ve had a host of new amazing leaders join our journey as part of our transition from Vainglory to Catalyst Black (and future titles). Some examples of fresher faces at the company can be seen below. 

We’re excited that our 50+ strong, globally-distributed team is ever more diverse with a lot of growth particularly in Europe and Latin America. I personally made the move from California to Portugal to support our European growth on “local” ground. 

We’ve been hard at work refining our culture, making tweaks to our remote first handbook, values, and our working practices. Our goal is to become the absolute best home for game industry talent anywhere in the world. 

We’ve also been diligently building our capability to develop multiple high production value, cross-platform products at the same time. In fact, our next title may or may not already be underway (shhh!). Again, we have over 10+ open positions around the world. We’d love to hear from you!

Today’s reveal was a fun public milestone that we’re definitely excited about. But, I’m even prouder of the diligent work our veterans and new team members alike have been doing to make us a little bit better at what we do every day.

One of the reasons we liked the word “Catalyst” for our upcoming game, was knowing that the game would help us transform from a company with great technology, design expertise, and art execution—but whose internal culture and commercial performance needed a lot of work—into a healthy, multi-title, AAA, cross-platform company that’s in it for the long haul.

Super Evil Megacorp will always be a work in progress, but I’m proud of the drive and passionate contributions everyone is putting in daily. Can’t wait to share more as we get closer to launch!

Kristian Segerstrale
Kristian Segerstrale

Kristian is the CEO of Super Evil Megacorp. Living near Lisbon, Portugal, Kristian’s twin obsessions are figuring out the future of the game industry and crafting highly talented teams and cultures to work toward that future. Before Super Evil Megacorp, Kristian was among other things CEO at Playfish, EVP at EA, co-founder at Glu Mobile and Board Member of Supercell. In his spare time Kristian plays music, invests in and advises other game companies, and tries to figure out how to mitigate existential risk for humanity. Player Name: EdTheShred



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