We kicked off Vainglory’s global rollout in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand on Apple’s App Store for the iPad in October. It’s been a great few weeks during which we have received a ton of feedback, learned a lot and watched some incredibly talented players and content creators emerge.

We’ve seen teams and rivalries organically form, including battles between TeamSG and Team PINAS. And we’ve been delighted to see groups self-organize weekly local LAN parties—with some wonderful photos and videos to show for it. 

All the while, we’ve been acutely aware of an increasing number of players’ voices across the world asking the same two very understandable questions: When is Vainglory releasing on iPhone? … and … When is Vainglory launching in my region?!

It’s with great excitement that we can now definitively answer both questions.

Vainglory for iPhone is now available for all devices with Apple’s Metal technology (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s on iOS 8) in all territories where we’ve already launched. We’re also ready to reveal the launch dates for Vainglory in Europe, the Americas and other regions. 

Vainglory for iPad and Vainglory for iPhone will launch on Apple’s App Store as follows:

  • Europe: Thursday, Nov. 13
  • North America, South America, Middle East and Africa: Tuesday, Nov. 18
  • China, Japan and Korea: We are taking some extra time to get the localization for these countries right. Launch date to be announced later. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank our players for all their support and also thank all those who have patiently waited for Vainglory to arrive in their area. We can’t wait to get the game into your hands!

At launch, Vainglory will run on the iPad 2 and above, as well as iPhone 5s and above. Because of the competitive nature of the game (and for the smoothest experience), we do recommend you play on the largest possible screen and the newest possible device available to you. Please note that Vainglory for iPad and Vainglory for iPhone will be two separate apps in the App Store. This is necessary to continue to support older OpenGL devices on iPad (iPad 2 and above), while only supporting iPhones with Apple's Metal technology (iPhone 5s and above). 

Vainglory Buzz

We do our very best to regularly take the pulse of our player community—and generally feel like we have a good sense of what’s on their minds. But it’s also been encouraging and exciting to hear what a wider audience is saying so far: 

  • "Remember that MOBA shown off at Apple's iPhone 6 Event? Well, it's really good." — IGN
  • "Its two finger controls are unbelievably efficient." —MMORPG.com
  • "The best touch screen MOBA out there." —MOBAFire
  • "The MOBA-lover's mobile dream." —MMORPG.com
  • "One of the best games for the Fall." —GamesBeat
  • "Must-have app for the iPhone 6" —CNN.com
  • "Poised to change the landscape of how players experience MOBAs." —Curse.com

Vainglory Servers & Player Profiles

Please note that players creating Vainglory profiles will automatically be placed on the servers closest to them. Early-access players who are connected to the Southeast Asia servers will need to create a new profile to connect to a different, more local server. Alternatively, those players may remain on the Southeast Asia servers to continue to play there. Of course, for the best ping times, it’s always best to play on the server closest to you geographically. 

We are in the home stretch, and we can’t wait for all our friends around the world to experience Vainglory firsthand. We are forever grateful to all the players who have helped us reach this point, and soon the rest of the world can join them in the Halcyon Fold.