Super Evil Megacorp Lifts the Veil

Hey, everyone. I know we've been silent for a long time now, but we're finally pulling back the veil on Super Evil Megacorp — and I couldn't be more excited. Today, I get to announce a new $11.6M financing round led by General Catalyst. I’m also happy to announce that Kristian Segerstrale joins the Super Evil Megacorp team as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director.

At Super Evil Megacorp, we believe the time has come for core games on touch screens. We've been at it for more than two years and have seen incredible support from some of the greatest talents in gaming. In my mind (our name notwithstanding), Super Evil Megacorp is not just another faceless corporation; it’s a close-knit family hell-bent on bringing the very best game experiences to tablets. Today, we welcome General Catalyst and Raine Ventures to that family and we welcome Adam Valkin (Managing Director, General Catalyst) to our board. Our new investors join Rick Thompson and his team at Signia Venture Partners, Clinton Foy and his team at CrossCut Ventures, Initial Capital, ZhenFund, and an awesome group of angel investors. Their profound support increases Super Evil Megacorp's total investment raised to well north of $15M to date, and it ensures this company (already an amazing group of veterans) will be allowed to further expand and relentlessly pursue its vision of a world where tablets are primary devices for core gamers.

We also welcome Kristian Segerstrale in his new role as our COO and Executive Director. Kristian’s track record in building successful gaming companies such as Glu Mobile and Playfish (as well as being a leader at EA and an early investor and board member at Supercell) speaks for itself. We’re thrilled that he’s chosen to make the jump from early investor and board member at Super Evil Megacorp to join us at the Lair full time. His focus will be maximizing our world-class team of core gaming talent and finding more folks who want to invent the next era of immersive, core-game experiences. We’re thrilled to have him on board and would love to hear from other folks who are as passionate as we are about building the next generation of games on tablets.

For the past two years, Super Evil Megacorp has been busy building our team, our proprietary game engine technology and our first product, Vainglory, which is in early, limited release. We have drawn upon our collective experience crafting games at companies like Riot, Rockstar and Playfish to bring to touch screens the types of indelible gaming experiences that we've loved over the years — complete with insane high-fidelity graphics, breathtaking multiplayer battles and social experiences that really feel like the epic LAN parties that defined whole eras of our lives.

We believe games are a form of art. Incredible experiences require the very best talent (and a lot of patience) to build. We couldn’t be more excited about our trajectory to date, and today’s announcement gives us further tools to pursue our dreams. It allows us to take the very long view of the evolution of touch-screen gaming and to build Super Evil Megacorp and Vainglory with decades (rather than months) in mind. We are humbled by the amount of faith that has been placed in us.

We are also humbled by the early reception of Vainglory from our founding players, and we look forward to building the product further with them in anticipation of launching worldwide. We can’t wait to let the game speak for itself on the global stage.

Be sure to check out the first sneak peek of Vainglory, and look for more game-related announcements later this year.

—Bo Daly, CEO
Vainglory player name: Nansen

Super Evil Megacorp CEO Bo Daly, left, with new COO & Executive Director Kristian Segerstrale.

Super Evil Megacorp CEO Bo Daly, left, with new COO & Executive Director Kristian Segerstrale.