We are excited to welcome Taewon Yun to our team of evil masterminds! Taewon will head Super Evil in the Asia Pacific region, drawing on more than 18 years of experience in the games industry. Taewon has previously worked at Wargaming, Blizzard and Electronic Arts and brings immense passion for creating great games for players around the world. 
It is a big milestone for us to set up an office in Southeast Asia — and it in some ways brings us full circle to our very first days as a live service only in Singapore. It has always been an incredibly important priority for us to listen to our players around the world, and now we have the base of operations and leader to ensure our players are heard and their needs are consistently met. 
Taewon, like the rest of us, is an avid gamer excited to bring world-class play experiences to iOS and Android. 
“Vainglory proves how much opportunity there is for core games to thrive on touch devices, and Super Evil understands how to build, publish and grow games specifically on this platform and reach a new generation of gamers,” said Taewon. “I’m very much looking forward to expanding Vainglory and Super Evil’s reach in the region by hiring more top talent, establishing partnerships and helping to bring Vainglory to as many core game lovers in the region as possible.”
Taewon’s in-game player names are MrBurnz (East Asia server) and  MrBurnz_sea (Southeast Asia server). He mains Krul, so grab another jungler or laner, add him in your region and welcome him to the Halcyon Fold!

Stay tuned for more updates.

— Heini / EvilFinn