ついにVaingloryが日本App Storeにて待望の上陸です!( )他の国と同様、Vaingloryに対応する機種はiPad(第2世代以降)とMetalテクノロジー搭載iPhone(iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S)です。


先日私たちは、東京で初となる公開対戦を上陸記念イベントとしてAppBankと共同で行いました!Super Evilの開発者とAppBankライターのゲームファイター氏が率いる日本のトッププレイヤーが対戦し、ゲームキャスターStanSmith氏が実況解説をしました。白熱した試合でしたが、なんとAppBankチームが勝利しました!

また、日本を含む全世界のAndroidユーザーの皆様は対応機種のGoogle groupに参加することでVaingloryベータに参加していただけます。ベータの情報はこちら: LINK TO BETA PAGE

この数か月間の盛り上がりを振り返って 、改めてVaingloryの素敵なプレイヤーの皆様に感謝したいと思います。PAX SouthやPAX Eastなどのファンイベント、Super EvilのStephan Shermanがタッチ操作のMOBAをデザインすることについて講演したGDCなどのビジネスイベント、San Francisco and Silicon Valley Business Journalの「最も良い職場」の一つとして選ばれたことなど、大変誇りに思います。まだまだ冒険は始まったばかりです!


—Heini (EvilFinn) 


We’re excited to announce that Vainglory is now available on the Apple App Store in Japan! As in other countries, Vainglory will be available on the iPad (generation 2 and above) and iPhone models with Metal technology (iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5S).

Currently ranking as the largest mobile game market in the world, Japan has a long history as a pioneer in handheld and social gaming. We are all fans of Japanese titles and gaming culture so we’re humbled to be able to bring Vainglory to a wider range of devoted players.

As a special pre-launch event, our team hosted the first ever Vainglory show match in Tokyo in collaboration with AppBank! The match, between Super Evil developers and some of Japan’s top players, who were coached by AppBank’s editor GameFighter, was shoutcasted by local eSports celebrity Stan Smith. The battle was fierce but team AppBank claimed victory in the end!

As a reminder, Android players in all regions can also sign up for the Vainglory beta by joining the Google group for your device. More information on the beta can be found here!

With all of the excitement throughout the past few months, we wanted to take a quick moment to say a big THANK YOU to all of our amazing Vainglory  players! From fan events such as PAX South and PAX East, industry events like GDC where Super Evil’s Stephan Sherman spoke about designing a MOBA for touch, and the recent honor of being selected as one of San Francisco and Silicon Valley Business Journals’ Best Places to Work, we couldn’t be more proud. And this is just the beginning!

Until next time!

—Heini (EvilFinn)