Get hyped for the Vainglory 2015 Autumn Season launch!

  • Update 1.9 kicks off our seasonal structure with the launch of Autumn 2015 in early October
  • We’ve added Guilds and Teams to the game, with offline event programs

  • Update 1.9 brings on a new hero, Phinn, limited-time seasonal skins a seasonal map skin and an entirely reworked Petal to the fold.

  • To celebrate Autumn 2015, we’re excited to give iOS players a free Celeste and new Android players a free Taka during the month of October.

  • With the 1.9 update we will also DOUBLE our Android device support by reducing memory requirements from 2Gb to 1Gb and reducing the CPU requirement from quad-core to dual-core. If your friend with an Android device couldn't play previously, chances are they will be able to play from 1.9 onward! Various performance improvements will also enhance play in iOS devices.

  • Last but not least we’re announcing the dates for the official Autumn eSports season, with a prize pool of over $125,000.

Our Autumn season launch will introduce a lot of new content to Vainglory. Let’s break it down:

Seasons are here!

From this update onward, Vainglory will feature a seasonal structure. Autumn 2015 is our first season, which will last from early October until early January. All players have three months to earn the highest possible skill tier and other achievements to fill their Autumn 2015 trophy room. At the end of the season, the trophy will be added to your Vainglory profile for the following season. We also have a lot of other limited-time content, including a seasonal map and special skins.

We’ve added whole new features to Vainglory to support both social and competitive play. You can now join guilds and teams — and participate in out-of-game events! Here’s how they work:

Join a Guild or create one to play and earn rewards with Friends:

  • Guilds are designed to give players a supportive social system within the game and make it easier to find like-minded, reliable players to play with. All future guild rewards will be based on dedication and participation.

  • You can join one guild and all members need to be in the same region.

  • Guilds can be open or invite-only and members can easily communicate with guild chat.

  • Guild members get a guild tag shown in-game when they play as a party

  • You can set up a guild by using Glory or ICE.

  • Each guild has its own in-game guild overview with statistics and other information, with more features to be added in the future.

  • In the beginning, guilds can include up to 20 members. By being active, guilds can unlock the ability to add up to 50 members.

  • Guild events! We’ve partnered together with Mobcrush in the US for the Vainglory Community Meets (VGC) program. You can organize your very own gathering with special support from us. All you need to do is sign up, tell us why you want to organize a VGC event and if selected, we will send you a VGC event box with all you need to pull off a great event! Look out for signups in the in-game News section in the coming weeks. 

Join a team or create one to play competitively and qualify for tournaments

  • Teams are designed for players who want to play competitively. Future rewards team will be based on competition and wins.

  • You can join one team and all members need to be in the same region.

  • You can set up a team by using Glory or ICE.

  • Each team has their own in-game Team Overview, which includes information about the team’s skill among other things.

  • Teams can have up to 6 members, so you can always practice 3 vs 3.

  • Team chat enables easy communications and strategizing.

  • By being a member of an active team, you will be able to unlock in-game content.

  • Team members will have in-game tags when playing as a party. If you’re member of both a guild and a team, the team tag will show in-game.  

  • When signing up for regional Vainglory qualifiers, your team skill tier will help determine your seed in the tournament.

The Autumn Season 2015 launch will include a new hero, limited-time content and a Halcyon Fold map skin:

  • Phinn is an unstoppable tank who brings the fight to him. He pairs incredibly well with other heroes who don't back down from battle. Phinn is strongest with defense and utility items, and he's able to absorb immense amounts of punishment, protecting teammates while they dish out damage.

  • A new Petal with a complete rework of her abilities.

  • To celebrate seasons, Petal and Celeste have limited-edition skins that can be unlocked only during 1.9 (ends around Halloween). The skins will be yours to keep for good, but unlockable for a limited time only and for ICE only in the Market.

  • Autumn has entered the Halcyon Fold and we’ve completely updated the look of the map. Zoom in to discover all the map’s secrets.

  • And Krul’s Tier II and Taka’s Tier II skins are here!

Finally, mark your calendars for the Autumn e-sports schedule

  • EU and NA will have a second VGL qualifier tournament starting Nov. 1 with a $15,000 prize pool.

  • The EU and NA Live Finals (eight teams from the qualifier tournaments) will be played in-person with a prize pool of $30,000.

  • The Autumn Vainglory International Premier League (VIPL) will start in late November with live games in Korea and run through the end of December with a prize pool of $80,000. Similar tournaments and leagues will begin in other regions soon!


We will post more details as the events draw closer. We are also excited about the amount of community events and third-party organized tournaments on the horizon. Look out for announcements throughout the season.

We hope you enjoy Autumn 2015! See you in the new, seasonal Halcyon Fold.