Wrapping up the First Season of Vainglory

2015 was the year we worked on demonstrating the legitimacy and potential of Vainglory as an eSport. Our goal has always been to build a game worthy of competitive play, and we're thrilled that with the help of our community, we've emerged from 2015 as the largest mobile eSport. The past year's total prize pool was over $300,000 USD, going to winners from tournaments in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Korea. We also launched our quarterly season structure, with the very first Autumn Season that started in October and ended today, featuring rewards for both competitive and casual play. We also saw some exciting developments, where G2 eSports and SK Gaming, both well-known existing multi-esports organizations, expand their reach into our world to acquire and field Vainglory teams of their own.


What to Expect in 2016

2016 is for us a year to build on our foundation of competitive play, and also continue to build our growth. We have an ambitious calendar for competitive play with the Winter Season kicking off with qualifiers in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, China, and for the first time also in South America. This year we expect to more than double the 2015 prize pool, and see significant growth in views, sponsorships, teams and so forth. Over 500 teams have applied for the Winter qualifiers in EU and NA alone. Tune into the first qualifier matches starting on January 16 on twitch.tv/vaingloryleague.

In addition to competitive play, we’ll also be focused on more content, including hero skins and some all-new fun stuff. We also want to make sure casual players have as much fun as possible - including more guild meets and improved opportunities to learn in the game. We’ll be adding some much requested features around communications, competitive play, the ability to understand past matches, tweaks to match-making, networking quality and more. As all of these things develop, know we will keep Vainglory endlessly free to play. No timers, no energy mechanics to worry about, just endless fun for friends!


Winter Season 2016 Begins!

To kickoff Vainglory Winter Season 2016 on Jan 13, we’re adding a lot of new content to the game. Including a winter-themed Halcyon Fold, Reim the new ice mage hero, alongside a new limited-edition winter skin for Catherine. We’re also adding new tier 3 skins for Glaive and Skaarf. Throughout Winter Season we will launch some much requested features both for competitive and casual play, so stay tuned. We’re excited to show all the new content on our dev stream on January 13. Also tune into special Vainglory streams on Mobcrush where our streamers will be giving away the new heroes and skins for viewers.

We’re also doing the season reset differently to how we did Autumn Season. For the the start of Winter Season, a player’s skill tier will refresh to “unranked” or “just beginning”, however, the matchmaker will continue to use the rank the player achieved in Autumn. This way, players continue to find the best possible matchup, and early matches will not be easy. Wins against tough opponents will be rewarded with aggressive advancement. For details check out the update notes here.

We look forward to working with the community, our content creators from new players to the seasoned pros to make 2016 a fantastic year for us!