Autumn Season 2016 is here! We’re very excited to share details about recent developments and what’s coming in autumn. Over the last year, Vainglory has evolved into a vibrant esports title with a deep, active community. Our current focus is to make Vainglory fun to play with friends — no matter what your skill level or experience is, or what platform you play on.

Update 1.22 includes new social and accessibility features, especially for smaller-screen mobile phones, and players can expect to see more features around this theme in the coming months. Our community continues to grow and flourish, and our esports scene is celebrating the first season of its collegiate league and the first ever World Championship. Autumn promises to be a season to remember.


The summer saw us introduce a new seasonal system where players unlocked great rewards by playing and leveling up throughout a season. We’ve expanded and revamped that system for autumn, offering a new Season Chest, new seasonal skins and improved Daily Chests. The new season also offers a bounty of content: a festive Autumn game map, a new hero, new skins and more!

  • New hero: Baron, a soldier with incredible range and explosive power!

  • New skins: Moon Princess Celeste, Dear Diary Lyra, Netherknight Lance

  • New Season Chest containing instant skin unlocks & more!



Vainglory has recently seen particularly rapid growth in play on phones. In Update 1.22, we’ve taken a huge step forward toward improving the experience for phone-first users. We’ve revamped the mobile controls, putting items on the left-hand side underneath the player’s thumb for much easier access and faster reaction times. We’ve also moved the location of buffs and social pings to make them easier to see. Update 1.22 also adds a camera shift feature — allowing for better vision for players on all devices — and a new movement paradigm that allows players to tap and hold to move around the map.


Playing with friends allows Vainglory’s community to flourish, so we’ve now made it much easier to recruit new players to the game through SMS, email and social media. In the future, we’re going to be working on more social features such as ensuring players in parties and guilds can see their chat histories - among other improvements to Vainglory’s social systems.

Vainglory on LG



In keeping with Autumn Season’s theme, we’re kicking off new community and influencer programs to provide deeper support for community-run content. The Vainglory Content Creator Program offers content creators (e.g. on Twitch and YouTube) in-game visibility, social media support, and giveaways. We’ll be at TwitchCon in San Diego in two weeks, so please drop by if you’re interested in streaming and creating Vainglorious content! We will be kicking off the program at TwitchCon with mobile streaming-ready boxes so you can hop right in! to get you started, the boxes will include new iPhone 7+, Magewell streaming cards and much more! Come by the Vainglory booth to learn how to join the Content Creator Program! Read more here


We’re also excited to announce that the Community Meetups are back — this time on a global scale. You can read the details and sign up here. To celebrate Autumn, our community managers are organizing dozens of LAN parties in 20 countries during the next two weeks. We hope to see many of our players attend in person or in-stream!   



Autumn Season 2016 marks the first anniversary of Vainglory esports. At this milestone date, we’re thrilled to announce, together with Twitch, the upcoming Vainglory World Championship! Twelve champion Vainglory teams from around the world will compete at the 2016 World Championship in Hollywood’s legendary TCL Chinese Theatre. Read all the details on which teams have qualified here.


To make Vainglory accessible to even more players and to give college students a chance to win scholarship money, we’ve partnered with the Collegiate Starleague (CSL), for an official Vainglory collegiate league kicking off in October. Vainglory will be the first mobile esports title to host a season with CSL, and the tournament is open to all college and university students in North America. Teams from Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State, Princeton University and UCLA have already signed up, with registration for additional teams open until September 30. More details on how to register a team can be found here.

As always, you can expect further feature enhancements, heroes, skins and hopefully some surprises roll out in during autumn season’s updates. But there's never been a better time to start playing Vainglory! See you on the Halcyon Fold!

TSM wins NA Summer Season Championships