Today, Apple will debut a gaming inspired film called “Unleash” that will show non-mobile gamers and heavy users alike what mobile gaming enthusiasts have always known — the iPhone crushes it when it comes to processing power. “Unleash” is an action-packed film that brings to life the ability of the A11 Bionic chip to maintain peak performance during one of the most demanding iPhone activities, mobile gaming. The A11 Bionic chip is the smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone, so it can handle even the most demanding activities, while keeping your great battery life. 

“Unleash” is based on the online game Vainglory, one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena games in the world. As soon as the film’s hero character dAv11d; based on Vainglory’s well-liked character Reza, opens Vainglory on his phone, viewers are immediately immersed in the world of the game. The real world and the world of Vainglory begin to blend as familiar characters and imagery overtake the real buildings and streets around dAv11d. Set to the heart-pounding sound track “Movement” by Oliver Tree, dAv11d expertly moves along the streets of Beijing, managing to fight off minions while multitasking real-life activities such as texting with friends and chatting with other gamers on YouTube live. Hint: keep your eyes peeled during the film and you may recognize  the names of a familiar YouTube Game Streamer (or four).

Apple is also bringing the power of dAv11d to life off-screen for Vainglory fans. When iOS gamers select the Reza character in the game, they have the option to add a dAv11d skin. Vainglory players can also watch the film natively within dAv11d’s “Watch Spotlight” feature throughout the duration of the campaign. Apple and Super Evil Mega Corp, the makers of Vainglory, will also host an exciting in-store Today@Apple event at the Union Square store in San Francisco in August.

For more on on optimizing Vainglory for multi-core and the A11 Bionic Chip check out our CTO Tommy Krul's post here!