Following from our one year iOS anniversary celebrations and our China launch announcement last week, we’re today announcing a set of eSports milestones that we’re excited about here at the Lair. We’re first and foremost building a game that’s fun to play for everyone at every skill level - but it’s also great to see the audience numbers and the competitive scene expand! Let’s take it from the top:

1. Vainglory had a Twitch Audience of over 1M Unique Viewers in the Month of September!

We always hoped we could make Vainglory into a game that our players enjoy watching. But the speed at which the audience has grown has taken us by surprise. Owing to the incredible work of our community, as well as eSports tournament organizers, we’ve now reached a monthly audience of 1M uniques just on Twitch - not even counting local streaming services in Korea, China, Japan and elsewhere. We are still early in our growth trajectory but we’re incredibly pleased and thankful to our community for the growth rate of the game. Our unique Twitch viewers have grown fivefold since March and we want to thank each and every one of our viewers for tuning into our streams!

2. SK Gaming Joins Vainglory Through Acquiring Team R3D!

Today we’re officially welcoming a new pro-team into the battle for the Halcyon Fold. SK Gaming is one of the top competitive eSports teams globally, and they just announced the acquisition of Vainglory organization R3D Gaming, whose players are based throughout Europe. SK Gaming is home to top teams across games like CS:GO, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, among others. SK Gaming has successfully competed in eSports since 1997 and we’re glad to welcome the team to Vainglory tournaments. Alexander Müller, the Managing Director of SK Gaming says:

There is huge potential for eSports on touch screens and Vainglory is the leading competitive-level touch game out there. We’re thrilled to setup a professional Vainglory team and look forward to competing in tournaments soon.”   

Martin Marquardt, the Co-founder and Managing Director of R3D Gaming, added:

“We are ecstatic to have been picked up by one of the most respected eSports clubs in the world to compete in Vainglory and other tournaments on touch devices. SK Gaming has deep roots in the eSports industry, and transforming R3D Gaming into the SK mobile division will usher in new era for the entire genre.”

We look forward to it, too, Alex and Martin!!

3. NVIDIA and Amazon Appstore Are Sponsoring Our Autumn Season 2015 Live Finals!

Our very first live season finals for North America and Europe now have big guns as sponsors! The events take place in Santa Ana, Calif. on 4-6 Dec and Katowice, Poland on 11-13 December - get your tickets here before they run out! We’re very excited to add NVIDIA and Amazon Appstore to the roster of incredible supporters of Vainglory eSports including OGN, ESL, Twitch and eSports Arena.  

We’re still in our early days of eSports and we’re excited to work with our sponsors and partners for our first ever season finals. Don’t forget to tune into the final qualifiers over the next two weekends at to see who will make it to the live events!

4. Vainglory eSports Tournaments to Begin in China and we’re Nr.1 on the App Store!

After last week’s launch of Vainglory on the App Store in China, it quickly rose (and remained!) in the top spot on the Downloaded Apps chart for iPhone and iPad. Our partner Giant just announced they will kick off the inaugural Vainglory China Invitational tournament in Shanghai on Nov 20-22 with a prizepool of over $65, 000. The winning team of VCI will qualify for the Autumn International Premier League season - played live in Seoul, South Korea starting December 3!

Thank you to all our players and partners for making the past year so memorable! We look forward to building Vainglory and our eSports together with you, and we’re excited for our second year. We will have more news to share soon!

SK Gaming's Vainglory Team

SK Gaming's Vainglory Team