台灣和香港的粉絲們,這一天終於來了!我們很興奮地宣佈,本遊戲現已登陸台灣和香港 iPad 和 iPhone的 App Store

台灣和香港都有一群富有天分的 MOBA 玩家,並且也在電子競技環境享有極高的聲譽。我們都很興奮可以將Vainglory帶給這兩個地區的玩家,並且期待可以在將來的日子與社群攜手改善Vainglory。我們正在尋找本地實況玩家、影片製作人和社群網站,讓我們在Vainglory進行特寫。所以如果您有什麽内容想跟大家分享的話,就請在 @VaingloryHANT 和 @vainglorygame 發個 Tweet 給我們。

作為一個提醒,所有地區的 Android 玩家都可以通過使用您的裝置加入 Google 群組,來申請加入Vainglory Beta 測試版。關於 Beta 測試版的更多資訊可以在這裡找到。Vainglory是一款完全、100% 跨平台的遊戲。這表示玩家可以在不同的平台上一同玩本遊戲。



Taiwan and Hong Kong fans, the day has come! We’re extremely excited to announce that the game is now available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone in Taiwan and Hong Kong!

Taiwan and Hong Kong both have amazingly talented MOBA players, and a strong foothold in competitive gaming. We are excited to bring Vainglory to players in both regions and look forward to working with the community to build Vainglory over years to come! We are looking for local streamers, video creators and community sites that we can feature in Vainglory, so please tweet us on @VaingloryHANT and @vainglorygame if you have content to share.

As a reminder, Android players in all regions can also sign up for the Vainglory beta by joining the Google group for your device. More information on the beta can be found here. Vainglory is 100% cross-platform, meaning that players across platforms can play together.

Please welcome new players from Taiwan and Hong Kong to the East Asia Server and the Halcyon Fold!

See you soon!

Heini / EvilFinn