Announcing “project spellfire” and our cloud first next chapter!

Nov 6, 2019

At Super Evil we’re passionate about breaking boundaries and setting a new bar for player expectations. We believe that all gamers deserve to share beautiful, immersive experiences regardless of which platform they play on.

With Vainglory, we broke new ground in performance, graphical fidelity and competitive play. We set a new standard for what players should expect to see on a mobile device, and we’re proud to have delivered the Vainglory experience to over 45 million players so far across PC and Mobile.

A year ago we talked extensively about our post-platform vision, starting with bringing Vainglory to PC and Mac with cross play and competitive parity. Over the last 18 months we’ve doubled down on working to make this vision a reality – setting our sights to be a true cloud-first company by evolving our tech, design, talent and company building approach for the next decade. Working ever closer to the minimum friction, maximum fidelity experience that feels native on all platforms, and that we expect players everywhere will come to demand.

We have also spent an increasing amount of time figuring out what we want to make creatively after Vainglory. We have been prototyping some groundbreaking new styles of gameplay for cross-platform play. We have explored new creative approaches, and ways to push forward our E.V.I.L. engine technology, tools and design approach to enable these new experiences. We’ve built on the things we have learned from Vainglory and have integrated these learnings into the development of our next title.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that our new game, codenamed Project Spellfire will launch in 2020. We don’t want to reveal too much yet, but you can follow our work and register for beta invitations at


A New Chapter for Super Evil Megacorp

To enable our full focus on our upcoming projects, we’re today announcing a publishing partnership with Rogue Games to take on many of the tasks of operating and managing Vainglory. We remain deeply committed to the player community, and we’re excited about the new increased resourcing, ideas and talent that the awesome team at Rogue will bring to Vainglory. We look forward to working closely together over the coming months and years. Read more about Rogue’s take on Vainglory here

We’re also proud to announce we recently closed a $10.5M financing round deal led by Andreessen Horowitz. We are excited about working with them to further our vision to build the best shared gameplay moments in the world. Over the past few months we’ve also welcomed new team members Eduardo Gonzalez as Art Director (previously at Riot), and Volkan Ediz as Chief Revenue Officer (previously Machine Zone.) We have also reconfigured our development approach to be more distributed development friendly. If you are awesome but can’t work in California, we’d still love to hear from you! As part of this transition two of Super Evil’s co-founders, Stephan Sherman and Bo Daly, have transitioned to a new exciting stealth mode venture. We expect to hear more from them soon!

As always thanks to all who have supported us and Vainglory on our journey so far and we’re excited to have you on board for the future. We wouldn’t be here today without our awesome player community and we can’t wait to share more news about the future of Vainglory and Super Evil’s projects in the coming weeks and months.

Kristian Segerstrale
Kristian Segerstrale

Kristian is the CEO of Super Evil Megacorp. Living near Lisbon, Portugal, Kristian’s twin obsessions are figuring out the future of the game industry and crafting highly talented teams and cultures to work toward that future. Before Super Evil Megacorp, Kristian was among other things CEO at Playfish, EVP at EA, co-founder at Glu Mobile and Board Member of Supercell. In his spare time Kristian plays music, invests in and advises other game companies, and tries to figure out how to mitigate existential risk for humanity. Player Name: EdTheShred



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