Revealing “catalyst black” – our new cross-platform battleground shooter

Apr 30, 2020

We’re finally ready to lift the curtain on what we’ve been working on for quite some time now! What was previously “Project Spellfire” is now “Catalyst Black.” Take a look at the video below for some early footage and some commentary from the team.



This is still early alpha footage – we are nowhere near launch yet with this game, but we’re incredibly excited about where we are heading and are loving the early playtests so far.

We’ve been excited about exploring what we feel is a fresh new creative space consistent with our “cloud first” vision of combining high fidelity play with maximum accessibility across all platforms.

We’ve made some neat new upgrades to our EVIL engine tech both in terms of graphics, performance and authorability. But we’ve also spent a lot of time, learning more humble lessons than we can count from our Vainglory journey across design, technology, marketing and how we work in general.

We’re hoping everyone will get to play Catalyst Black later this year. If you want to find out more, join the discord server at and follow Catalyst Black on Twitter at @catalystblk

See you there!

Kristian Segerstrale
Kristian Segerstrale

Kristian is the CEO of Super Evil Megacorp. Living near Lisbon, Portugal, Kristian’s twin obsessions are figuring out the future of the game industry and crafting highly talented teams and cultures to work toward that future. Before Super Evil Megacorp, Kristian was among other things CEO at Playfish, EVP at EA, co-founder at Glu Mobile and Board Member of Supercell. In his spare time Kristian plays music, invests in and advises other game companies, and tries to figure out how to mitigate existential risk for humanity. Player Name: EdTheShred



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