We are a company for gamers, by gamers. We believe that truly good and deeply compelling games are timeless and will ultimately prevail over fine-tuned shallow addiction cycles. Our mission is to make deeply engaging and technically outstanding games, while embracing all the opportunities of crazy new platforms, new business models and a games industry in flux.

We are looking for ambitious and highly skilled people who share our passion for making outstanding games. You will need to be ready to take on the challenge of being part of a small but experienced and ambitious team, not be afraid to get your hands dirty, have a can-do attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile. For those up to the challenge, it's going to be a thrilling ride.


This is where the magic happens across all aspects of infrastructure and management. We understand the challenges of bringing twitch based games to touch screens as we bring the functionality of the game to life. If you want a technical challenge in massive scalability, live deployment, and planning while providing entertainment for millions of global gamers, then SEMC could be your new home. Every day we ask ourselves, how can we improve deployment? Scalability? Backups? Testing regimen? How do we continue to deliver and improve functionality to a game enjoyed by millions around the world? 


  • Design, build, optimize, and maintain the back-end platform and server infrastructure that hosts our games.
  • Reach our objectives in scalability and functionality with millions playing our games concurrently – with exceptional performance and quality of service.
  • Working directly with our founders to design, extend, and maintain our back-end technology, adding functionality to the platform as needed by our products.
  • Constantly seeking to improve the back-end platform to perform well for hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and ultimately help make a lasting impression on our players and their entertainment. 
  • You are able to work on-site at the Super Evil Lair in San Mateo, CA.


  • You have a passion for programming, scripting, automation, deployment and live operations.
  • You have an extremely solid understanding of building highly scalable web services back-end technology, network engineering, design and troubleshooting.
  • You have deep and specialized knowledge on one or more of the following topics: various open-source tools and technologies that relate to building scalable back-end solutions, deployment automation, web services, Linux, IT services, data management, performance tuning and monitoring of live services.
  • You have practical hands-on knowledge of WSGI servers (gunicorn, uwsgi, CherryPy) and Python HTTP microframeworks (Bottle, Flask, or similar), in terms of their usage and performance characteristics.
  • Experience with any or all of the following technologies: Redis, MongoDB, AWS | EC2, Nginx, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • You have eight years or more professional work experience as an engineer or DevOps engineer.
  • You are fluent in Python; proficient with C++.
  • Bachelor's or Master's level degree in computer science or related field
  • You have strong verbal and written communication skills and aren't afraid to voice your opinion.


  • You have a deep interest in play mechanics and a passion for game design.
  • You've worked on, completed and shipped one or more real-time online multiplayer games.
  • Experience with (or worked at) companies that operate one or more live services or games. Examples of such companies are Blizzard, Valve, Riot Games, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.

A resume and cover letter is required for consideration. In order to apply, you must have designed and implemented various scalable web back-end solutions yourself and be able to talk to the design constraints, implementation decisions, technical details, performance, scalability and trade-offs.