Super Evil Megacorp is a team of masters-at-their-craft game developers. The company’s flagship title, Vainglory, is the world’s #1 mobile esport, boasting more than 3,000 teams, 1 billion matches played, and leagues in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. Vainglory experienced a monumental first year in esports in 2016, awarding the largest prize pool ever for a mobile esport event at $120,000, generating 25,000+ concurrent views for its inaugural World Championship, and welcoming some of the largest esports franchises in the world to the Vainglory lineup including TSM, Cloud9, G2 Esports, SK Gaming, Team Secret, mousesports and DetonatioN Gaming. Five more diverse and high profile esports franchises - Fnatic, Echo Fox, NRG, Rogue and Immortals - have now joined the competition, making Vainglory poised for an even more eventful 2017. In addition to its success in the esports realm, Vainglory has received top game development honors including Apple’s “Best Apps” in 2014 and 2015, the Apple Design Award at WWDC, The IMGA’s Best Technical Achievement and People’s Choice Awards, and the Tabby Award for Best iPad game in the RPG, Simulation and Strategy category. 

Super Evil Megacorp is currently 45 people strong and is hiring. The company has raised $41M in funding from backers including General Catalyst, Index Ventures, Signia Venture Partners, Korea Investment Partners, CrossCut Ventures, Initial Capital, The Raine Group, ZhenFund, Yuri Milner, and Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital. Super Evil Megacorp is based in San Mateo, CA.

The Board of Directors of the company comprise: Bo Daly (co-founder and CEO), Stephan Sherman (co-founder and CCO), Kristian Segerstrale (COO and Executive Director), Adam Valkin (Partner, General Catalyst), Rick Thompson (Partner, Signia Ventures), Clinton Foy (Partner, CrossCut Ventures).

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Vainglory Worlds 2016
Vainglory8 2017
Vainglory Hero Samuel from update 1.21

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Vainglory being played on an iPhone
Vainglory being played on an LG Android

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WINNER: Apple Design Award – Apple, WWDC 2015

WINNER: People's Choice Award – 11th International Mobile Gaming Awards

WINNER: Best Technical Achievement – 11th International Mobile Gaming Awards 

"Vainglory is selected as an Apple Design Award winner because it delivers beautiful, high-fidelity graphics and animations, offers an incredibly polished and immersive experience, and enables a fast-paced, endless multiplayer experience on iOS that’s all about the highs, lows, excitement, anticipation, friendships, and competition." - Apple, WWDC 2015

"We've been waiting for a game like Vainglory to come along on touch screens. It's not just the best touch screen MOBA out there; it's a completely legit core game in its own right. Once you play it, you'll understand why we got excited about it!"MOBAFire CEO M. Scott Reinders

“Immersing you in a colorful and beautifully realized world, Vainglory gives you fast-paced and intense 20-minute matches on the go. Pick a hero and duke it out with unique abilities played with intuitive precision controls.”

"...when it comes to bridging the gap between PC and mobile, Vainglory might actually be the missing link." - MMORPG)

"This is one of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile. Vainglory is a totally legit MOBA experience, available any time in the palm of your hand." - IGN

"Vainglory is the first mobile game to be a legitimate competitor with the best of the best PC MOBA" -iPhone Life 

Player Feedback

Vainglory App Store Reviews

At first I was just browsing for games and downloaded like 10 games. After playing this game, I deleted the other 9 games because this was so much awesome!!!
— Player name: Yukimiyo

Great design super fun!  (5/5)

"Even if you have never played MOBA  games before you should try this, the graphic is beautiful, gameplay intuitive and easy. ... Come chat at the forum, the devs are very nice and working hard to make the game even better!"

Wow it’s real  (5/5)

"Nice to see game that looks like as its advertised. Very pretty and plays like DOTA."

Best game ever  (5/5)

"Omg I can’t believe I can play a game like league of legend on my tablet."

Best MOBA, MUST HAVE  (5/5)

"Just try, you won’t regret it :)  "

Game of the year!  (5/5)

"This new update is so amazing! :0

"Keep this coming and this will be the game of the year! :) Vainglory on the move!"

Out of this world  (5/5)

"Truly amazing game."

AWESOME!!!  (5/5)

"When I start playing this I cannot stop it is so addicting for me this is the best MOBA that has been made ^_^  "

Purely Amazing  (5/5)

"Great game, Best moba so far and its like LoL but in the iPad. Great graphics … what an amazing game!"

Totally Awesome MOBA game  (5/5)

"Really awesome game and I love it … Admins are just awesome and care most about the players to keep it balanced. Whoever is reading the reviews and haven’t played yet you should really try this game!"

Potential game!  (5/5)

"This game is really amazing. The graphics are definitely awesome and it doesn't cause lagness on the iPad!!! Can't wait for more heros to be out."

Great game  (5/5)

"This game have great graphics, it is different from dota and lol as it has a different map. Although it is a new game, it has very little amount of bug or maybe no bugs at all."

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!  (5/5)

"Thank you for creating this game its really like league of legends!! Thank you so much!!!!! :) :) :) "

Huge potential  (5/5)

"... The visuals are extremely polished and a treat to have on the ipad. Character design and ingame quality is unbelievable..animations are the best ive seen on the ipad. Shadows and lighting is fantastic….and yes, the animations….i know I have mentioned that already. … I will definitely recommend this and will be waiting for an update."

Cool! Love it! Hahahaha  (5/5)

"I'm league of legend player. … Really like it coz I can play anytime and everywhere I wan as long got internet. ..."

Just proud (5/5)

"This game has so far made my week, and really I’m expecting so much more from it. I’m proud to have played this game, and while this is still just a new beginning, I’m pretty sure that MOBA players will also love this and add this to the standard of MOBA gaming. I’m also proud to have played this because its art director is Filipino like me. This game is a solid proof of the true quality and creativity that Filipinos have all along. I know very well that one of these days this game will definitely make it across the gaming scene! :)"