We work entirely remote with all processes, information management, and tools set up to maximize presence and collaboration across geographies and timezones. 

We aspire to bring the whole company together two times a year to celebrate our successes and learnings, and to facilitate local co-working where there is a concentration of talent. 

"Thanks to Work From Home policy, I can closely supervise my human subject at all times as well as walking him at least three times a day."

Solo Yun – Chief Canine Officer

"I love having the flexibility of managing my own schedule, and being able to balance it with family time."

Sindiana – Community & Communications Manager

"Super Evil knows work/life balance is the most important factor in long lasting happiness in your career and supports us in achieving a harmonious life."

Jason – Senior Technical Artist

"The best thing about working remotely is I can work from home with my cute cat! "

Judy – 3D Environment Artist

"The SEMC team is a real community; diverse and wonderful. We don't always agree, but we're always on the same side, trying to make the best games that we can."

Andrew – Technical Director

"I make games! And I get paid for it!"

Jesus – Senior Rendering Engineer

" I love having the ability to take short breaks during the day to go enjoy the outdoors or hang out with my kids for a bit. No commute is also nice!"

Brian – Character Artist


We aim to empower you with maximum autonomy, responsibility, and ownership of your craft. We share our work openly. We encourage giving and receiving honest and thoughtful feedback. Your voice is valuable. In our world, expertise, passion, and data speak louder than senior titles or tenure.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously while ensuring the happiness of our players and the quality of our work is treated with the utmost gravity.


We believe making games should be as much fun as playing them. Even while geographically distributed, we run weekly remote social events to get to know each other, and hold physical meetings with the entire company twice-a-year to learn and have fun together.


Crafting a great company is a team effort that takes time. Your leadership and initiative matters. We work hard to improve at what we do daily by learning from our failures and triumphs, and always challenging the status quo. Read our handbook for more details on who we are and how we work.

Welcome to Super Evil Megacorp. Resistance is futile.


We are always eager to find new exceptional talent to join our team. Our current open positions are below, but we are also prepared to create roles for truly unique talent that share our passion for pushing boundaries in the industry.



We are looking for a Senior VFX Artist like you, to join us in our mission to create amazing mobile games and experiences. The VFX Artist will work with an experienced team of artists and programmers to create effects that bring immersive mobile game experiences, create memorable moments, and help create a visual style for the game. In collaboration with the Art Director and Game Director, the VFX Artist will create performant and expressive effects. The VFX Artist will work with the Tools Team to help identify and develop the VFX toolkit for the studio.

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As a Senior 3D environment Artist, you’ll be creating memorable environments for our games. Your work will channel the personality of the characters that are in the front and center of our gameplay. We believe strongly in creating exceptional environments that are believable with interesting backstories, and we want our players to feel like they truly see themselves in these locations.

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As an Art Manager, you’ll manage the team’s overall growth and improvement of Artist craft and well-being. You’ll collaborate with the studio management team to define strategy. You’ll bring your leadership and deep understanding of Art department dynamics and needs to Super Evil’s Art team, as well as mentoring artists and helping to establish a unified, consistent strategy. You will also be working closely with our Art Director and Game Designers. 

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As a tools engineer, you will design, build, and maintain tools and scripts that will make meaningful workflow improvements across a variety of disciplines at Super Evil Megacorp. You’ll play a critical role in enabling our artists, designers, producers, and engineers to create SEMC’s next generation of games.

This position is focused on developing high quality development tools for a world-class, cross-platform AAA game engine. You’ll be responsible for building and extending the tools to improve content creation workflows, standardize content data across systems, help create unique feature rich content and be passionate about creating great user experiences in the tools.

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Product Engineering is about building compelling, engaging progression systems, and user interfaces that encourage player engagement. As a Product Engineer, you’ll be responsible for building modular, reusable systems coordinating with Platform, Gameplay systems, Art, and Design requirements to bring rich experiences for our players that define their journeys through our games. You’ll be responsible for creating and evaluating product specifications, expanding our technologies, and building systems that will hold up through iterative revisions, and live operations.
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As an SEMC Game Producer you will lead teams to reliably ship high quality content to our players. Through your expert knowledge of production methodologies, pipelines, and exceptional collaboration skills you will make sure that our internal dev teams are all humming in unison to effectively and efficiently deliver on game updates that delight players.

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We are a company by gamers, for gamers. We believe that truly good and deeply compelling games are timeless and ultimately prevail over fine-tuned shallow addiction cycles. Our mission is to make deeply engaging and technically outstanding games, while embracing all the opportunities of new platforms, new business models and a games industry in flux.

We are looking for ambitious and highly skilled people who share our passion for making outstanding games. You will need to be ready to take on the challenge of being part of a small but experienced and ambitious team, not be afraid to get your hands dirty, have a can-do attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile. For those up to the challenge, it’s going to be a thrilling ride.

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team, so if you don’t see a specific role listed, please submit a General Application. If your application fits an opportunity we haven’t posted yet, we’ll reach out to you.

You can also sign up for alerts when we post jobs in specific areas or locations. You can sign up for job alerts here.

Super Evil Megacorp is an equal opportunity employer. All employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, religion, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, family status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We will also consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal records in accordance with applicable law. Super Evil Megacorp also makes workplace accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities as required by applicable law.

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