Super Evil Megacorp is a multi-award winning, independent creator of cross-platform experiences with a mission to create incredible shared game experiences by pushing creative and technical boundaries. The company is home to leading industry talent previously at studios such as Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, PlayStation, and MZ. The company’s first title, Vainglory, is the MOBA perfected for touch, a pioneer in mobile esports and played by over 45-million players. In 2022 Super Evil Megacorp released Catalyst Black, a premier battleground shooter. As featured in Apple’s iPhone 13 keynote, Catalyst Black champions excellence in mobile combat: beautiful environments, deep arsenals, and rich social integrations built to support the mobile lifestyle.

Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Index Ventures, Signia Venture Partners, Initial Capital, and more. Super Evil Megacorp is distributed globally with the HQ in San Mateo, California.

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"a stunning battleground shooter"

"without a doubt one of 2020's most hotly anticipated mobile games."

“unlike any other game in the market...”


"Rich Combat Experience , everything from the graphics, to the gameplay seems like a delight. An amazing touch of visuals and environments"

"So the game is a fast-paced, team-based shooter. There are guns, there are giant hammers, and there’s a gorgeous art-style that really pops off the screen. It looks like it’s going to be an awful lot of fun, right?"

"We've been waiting for a game like Vainglory to come along on touch screens. It's not just the best touch screen MOBA out there; it's a completely legit core game in its own right. Once you play it, you'll understand why we got excited about it!"

MOBAFire CEO M. Scott Reinders

"Vainglory is selected as an Apple Design Award winner because it delivers beautiful, high-fidelity graphics and animations, offers an incredibly polished and immersive experience, and enables a fast-paced, endless multiplayer experience on iOS that’s all about the highs, lows, excitement, anticipation, friendships, and competition."

Apple, WWDC 2015

“Immersing you in a colorful and beautifully realized world, Vainglory gives you fast-paced and intense 20-minute matches on the go. Pick a hero and duke it out with unique abilities played with intuitive precision controls.”

"Vainglory ushers in the mobile era of esports"

Bleacher Report

"...when it comes to bridging the gap between PC and mobile, Vainglory might actually be the missing link."


"A genre leader in the mobile MOBA sector"

PVP Live

"This is one of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile. Vainglory is a totally legit MOBA experience, available any time in the palm of your hand."


"Vainglory is the first mobile game to be a legitimate competitor with the best of the best PC MOBA"

iPhone Life

"What's next for the world's biggest mobile esport Vainglory"


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