This notice describes how Super Evil Mega Corp (SEMC) uses data from candidates we consider and / or recruit for a position at SEMC, including when candidates apply for a job via a third party website such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor, and / or by directly emailing SEMC at, otherwise engage with recruitment services, or when SEMC proactively sources potential candidates.

In general, all the provisions of the Super Evil Mega Corp Privacy Policy apply to any data that is collected from candidates. The sections below outline the expanded scope of data that is collected from candidates, how that data is used by SEMC, and how SEMC handles that data. Candidates still have all the same rights that are outlined in the Privacy Policy with regards to the controls and choices they have regarding the Private Data that has been collected.

  1. Super Evil Mega Corp Privacy Policy
    1. You can find SEMC’s Privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy
  2. Data We Collect beyond what is listed in our Privacy Policy:
    1. Name, email address, resume and any other information you submit when applying to a position at SEMC’s website;
    2. Information provided to us by third parties, for example LinkedIn or Glassdoor, if you choose to apply using their websites;
    3. If you choose to upload your resume and/or any other materials (“Material”) demonstrating your skills and abilities for review by SEMC via a third-party site such as Google direct from your personal account on that third-party site;
      1. Please note that Materials are not generally required. If you chose to submit Materials, we will use your Material only for evaluation purposes and will not make any copies without your permission, nor will we distribute any copies of the Material to any third parties. We will return or destroy all copies of your Material upon completion of our review or upon your earlier request. SEMC regularly develops new products and ideas internally, and we also receive other submissions for consideration. The products, ideas, or concepts that SEMC develops internally or that others submit may be similar to your Material. As a result, we cannot agree to treat your material as confidential or proprietary, even if it is marked in that way. Our acceptance or review of your Material does not imply that we will use, develop or market your Material. Nor does our review of your Material prevent us from using, developing, or marketing technologies, ideas or products that may be similar in concept or idea to your material.
    4. Your contact details, resume, job and education history, endorsements and interests from third party publicly available sources, such as LinkedIn, and third-party recruitment platforms that collate this information from publicly available sources.
  3. We use your private data to perform the following functions:
    1. Manage your relationship with us;
    2. Contact you (including by email) about suitable job opportunities as they arise;
    3. Assess your eligibility for available positions at SEMC;
    4. Process your job application(s);
    5. Invite you to SEMC recruitment events (including by email);
  4. How Long Does SEMC Retain Your Data
    1. We will only retain personal data for as long as reasonably necessary to comply with the law and/or where there is a legitimate business purpose to retain it. Generally this means that SEMC retains your data as long as needed to provide recruitment services for a given position, plus a reasonable period of time afterwards to respond to recruitment inquiries, to deal with any legal matters, or to comply with archiving requirements or statutory limitations.
    2. Any materials will be returned or destroyed upon completion of our review or upon your earlier request.
  5. Changes to this Notice
    1. We may update this notice from time to time, so please review it frequently. We’ll notify you of material changes via email thirty days before they go into effect.  We will seek your consent to any material changes if and where required by applicable laws to do so.
  6. Contact Us
    1. For any questions or complaints regarding this notice, please send an email to We will respond to all requests and questions within 30 days of your email to us.

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